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Hebron Terra is the friend of the Merciful for your Real Estate investment. Sangho Kim, CPA, is a founder of a Hebron Terrace, LLC. 

The type of sections available here are:
  • Construction - Renovation 
  • Brokage 
  • Management
  • Investment - Planning & Analysis
Real Estate Development & Investment (부동산 개발 & 투자)
  1. An exciting endeavor thatoffers as many opportunities as it does challenges. In order toachieve success in this evolving field, you have to have a firmunderstanding of how to operate within it. And while this won'thappen overnight, there is a way to shorten the learning curve.
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  3. Real Estate Appraisal - CMA (부동산 가치평가)
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  4. Real Estate Marketing Analysis (부동산 시장 분석)
    A detailed market analysis is key to any real estate investment decision. Even though the financial projections have far more impact in management and investment decisions, market analysis is behind each and every number in the financial statements. So, it is important to take the time to gather the data required to fully understand the subject property’s market area. In the end, the quality of the market analysis can make a difference in accurately determining whether or not a property is a feasible, profitable investment.
  5. Real Estate Management (부동산 관리)
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  6. Real Estate Taxation (부동산 세금)
    Property taxes are generally levied by county, but often include taxes paid to other local entities like school districts, utility authorities or city governments. The rules, rates and regulations surrounding property taxes can vary significantly depending on where you live.
Real Estate Financial Planning (부동산 재무 설계)
Real Estate 
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